Monday, January 21, 2013

6 Months

6 months. It seems like such a defining period of time. Halfway to a year. It's amazing how much has changed in our lives in just 6 months.

6 months ago I was sitting in a conference session for work, completely unaware that I would be a mom in a few short hours. Fast forward to now and we have an awesome 6 month old, I have a new job and life continues to change. Having Emily has made me appreciate each day and live only for that day. I used to try to plan my week and would stress about things coming up (that of course I had no control over). But I've found so much peace and happiest living life for each day. Life can seem a bit overwhelming at times but focusing on just 24 hour segments makes it less scary and more manageable.

Emily continues to change so much from month to month. Her personality is coming through more and more and I just love her so!

A few highlights:

  • She finally rolled over ALL on her OWN! And she's done it a few times. Every time she does it she has this shocked/amazed look.
  • She's starting to move around more on her tummy. She's managed to spin herself around in a circle a few times during tummy time. I know it's just a matter of weeks before she figures out she can crawl.
  • She's eating solid foods! It was a bit of a rough go at first but when I started mixing applesauce with the rice cereal and then applesauce with a few new foods, she really got the hang of it. So far she's loved everything she's tried: applesauce, pears, green beans, green peas, carrots, and squash!
  • She's starting "singing" herself to sleep. When she's really tired (or trying to get out of her car seat) she part growls, part howls and it's hysterical. She also rubs her eyes when she is really tired and it's the cutest friggin thing I've ever seen.
  • She coos and babbles all the time and when. If we say "heyyy" she'll say something that sounds a whole lot like "heyyyy" back.
  • She loves her toys and is figuring out how to grab them and move them around. She even figured out how to take off her hat the other day!
  • She's starting making a fuss anytime one of us leaves the room. The other day Randy was walking past her to put dinner on the grill and didn't say anything to her. She fussed (loudly) until he came back, said "Hi, Emily" and then she just smiled and smiled!
She goes for her 6 month check up next week and I can't wait to her what the pediatrician says. I weighed her last week and she's up to 16 pounds and she's gotten really long. She's even started  hanging on to my hip when I carry her around.

Looking forward to 6 more months of fun!