I often get questions the adoption process. And I always like to answer honestly because I want to help others thinking about adoption and I want Emily to know her amazing story.

I've found some very helpful website and books during our journey that may be helpful to others starting or thinking about going through the process.

Websites: is a wonderful website and magazine. Their guest posts are thoughtful, touching and insightful. is the website for our lawyer and he's dad to two adopted to girls! Check out the links under his "Resources" page for other great websites and books.

Millions of Miles  Mom to 3 who understands the ups and downs and ins and outs of fostering and adoption

Open Adoption Bloggers Bloggers from all over sharing their adoption journeys.

Baby We Were Meant For Each Other by Scott Simon.  Told by a dad of two adopted daughters from China, he weaves their story in with other stories of adoption across the country. It made me laugh, cry and reaffirmed my decision that adoption was for us.

The Complete Adoption Guide by Raymond Godwin (our adoption lawyer). Every chapter is devoted to major questions dealing with adoption and are answered with lots of experience-both personal  and professional.

Called to Adoption is a great book for Christians looking to learn more about God's plan for them to adopt and it's a quick read.