Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rehab Addict: Megan Style!

I've never been one to follow a tv show through season after season. I'm not a fan of the "big name shows" like American Idol, Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad or any others that have come along in the last few years. I bounce around from channel to channel, tuning in to whatever grabs my attention.

I do have a weak spot for reality tv (except for the super trashy, cheesy kind) and in the past have tuned in for a few episodes to Swamp People, Duck Dynasty, Face Off, Celebrity Rehab, and the list goes on! Most recently, I cannot get enough of do it yourself home improvement shows. Anything from House Hunters, to Property Brothers, to Kitchen Crashers I've either already watched or have 10+ episodes waiting for me on our DVR.

My latest favorite is Rehab Addict. I love the idea of restoring old homes and furniture to their former glory and doing it all for cheap. Plus Nicole Curtis is the star of the show and she is amazingly talented. Girl power on home renovations!

The other day when it was unseasonably warm and not raining/sleeting/snowing out, I got inspired to do a Rehab Addict-ish project. Emily has a doll cradle (that belonged to yours truly first) and a little rocking chair that needed a face lift. I ventured out to Lowes and found some spray paint: dark brown for the cradle to match her bedroom furniture and pink for the chair to match Emily's own rocking chair.  Here are the before pics:

I sprayed each with 2-3 coats, drying about 20-30 minutes in between. While I cleaned each piece before I sprayed, I really should have taken some sandpaper to the chair. Regardless, I was really pleased with the end results. 

As a bonus project, I made a mattress pad for the cradle. I had an extra, small pad that came with Emily's diaper changing table. I cut the foam to fit the cradle and took an old pillow case (without a match) and covered the foam. I folded the pillow case back and hand sewed it in a few spots just so it would stay in place and look neat. I couldn't bring myself to cut the fabric! If I ever need to use it again, I can easily cut the thread holding it together without damaging the case. I also sewed two ribbons to either side of the pad. I tied them under the cradle to keep the pad in place as Emily often likes to carry the cradle from room to room.

Without further delay, the finished products.... with and without models! :)

The spray paint only cost be about 8 bucks total and the rest of the stuff I used from around the house. It was a fun easy project!  And who knows what might inspire you at your house!
Happy rehabbing!