Thursday, January 30, 2014

Emily's First Snow

As things often happen in the South, mention of the word "snow" gets everyone all excited and nervous. Milk and bread fly off the grocery store shelves and schools close long before the first snowflake is spotted. Children and adults stay glued to the local weather channel anxious to see when it will all begin.

Such was our day Tuesday. Schools and work closed late Monday night. Emily and I sat around the house looking out the window, waiting and waiting. We even made paper snowflakes and taped them to Emily's window in hopes of encouraging more of them to show up. :) The day dragged on, and despite promises from local meteorologists, it was clear we were not going to get as much as we had hoped for as soon as we had hoped for. I managed to stay up long enough Tuesday night to see the first few flakes start to fall. And it really is a beautiful thing. I'm always amazed at how quiet snow is. I think that's one of the most beautiful things about it. So beautiful and peaceful!

When we woke up Wednesday morning, our yard was covered with a good two inches of fresh snow. I got Emily up and took her to the backyard door to see it. After a few minutes, she finally realized what had happened and started pointing outside saying "Sah NOOOOOOO, Sah NOOOOOO!" After dressing her in several layers, we ventured outside to explore. She was not sure about it all at first and instead of walking through it, she wanted me to pick her up and carry her across the yard.

"Up, mama!"
(Please also note the glass storm door in the above picture as that will come up again in our adventures yesterday.)

 Snow selfie :)

After a few seconds, she got brave and decide to have some fun with this new stuff. We threw the snow in the air (she loved picking it up), we made snow angels and one pitiful little snowman. She ventured down our cul de sac to see what the neighborhood kids were doing. We went out three times over the course of the day and stayed until her little cheeks and nose turned red! 

Checking out the big kids.

We had a blast exploring and it was so much fun to share something new with her! She had so much fun that she took an almost 3 hour nap! And I napped right along with her. Snow day naps really are the best!

Ok, so everything up until that point was fine, great, and wonderful.  But things got a little out of hand after nap time. Randy was scheduled to fly back late from a work trip and I was planning to pick him up if the roads were clear. After nap time, I realized I should probably clean off my car a little while it was still light (and at least a little bit warmer) out. Emily was playing in the living room so I grabbed a broom and walked out the front door. Let me just say, I do this pretty much everyday when I have to start the car in the morning or run down to the mailbox. I was only wearing yoga pants and light jacket so I could not stand to be outsdie for long. After maybe a minute of cleaning off the car, I started walking back up the side walk to see Emily and Princess looking for my return through the closed glass storm door. Again, something they do 99.9% of the time I walk outside. So I do what I normally do, smile and wave to them and in return Emily smiles and waves and Princes starts jumping up and down. I reach for the handle, turn it and the door doesn't open. Locked. I repeat, LOCKED.

Emily, the smart and observant 18 month old that she is, has seen me lock that door numerous times and has decided to try it herself. Success.  It would be such a proud mommy moment if I were in fact NOT standing outside in 30 degree weather with light clothing, only a broom in hand with a locked baby inside and a husband clear on the other coast of the United States.

Holy hell.

This is exactly what when through my head over the next 60 seconds:

Negotiation. "Emily, honey, can you unlock the door for mommy?" Repeated probably 3 times only to be met with a confused look from Emily.
Option #1- "Ok, I can see into the living room and to the back door which I know is only locked at the bottom. And I also know that I can get into that door if I have a credit card. Which I do not have on me so that would mean going to the neighbors (are they home? what will they think of me?!). Screw that, I don't have time. MY BABY IS LOCKED INSIDE!"
Option #2- "I'm pretty sure I can open this door if I pull hard enough!"

One, two, three BIG pulls on the handle and the mental frame bends back and the door pops open. OH THANK GOODNESS!

Emily runs off, I think scared by my loud and dramatic entrance, but then starts laughing. Not 100% sure this was a complete accident.

I managed to fix the bent frame with a few hits from a hammer retrieved from the garage.  All is good and no one is worse for the wear. But I am definitely wiser.  Emily's first snow day was certainly a meorable one for so many reasons!