Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer To-Do List (The Fun Kind)

I am notorious for starting something and never finishing.

I still have a cross stitch project that I started in 5th grade that is short of completion by 2 letters. Why? I ran out of thread and couldn’t find an exact match to the color.

I have an overflowing Tupperware box of half-finished knitting projects under my bed. I bought fabric to make blankets for kids in a local hospital and kept it for a year in my dining room before I finally donated it to a group that would actually make the blankets.  I have countless books lying around my house collecting dust with bookmarks permanently stuck at Chapter 3.

Honestly, I’m amazed that this blog is still going. At least it is for now….

But I say, whatever. That makes me, me! And I’m awesome! AND at least I started all those projects. So that counts for something, right?

I recently saw a hometown Facebook friend (and mommy blogger Southern Belle Mama) posted a list of all the things her kids wanted to do that summer as a family. It was full of super cute things like “feed the ducks” and “water gun fight”.  Naturally, I got to thinking about making a list for the Branhams. Since I’m guessing Emily isn’t quite old enough to enjoy a water gun fight, Randy and I thought about things that would be fun to do as a family around Columbia. Because I’m just don’t know how long we’ll be in “Famously Hot” South Carolina. We’ve talked about moving to Wilmington. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a decade (10 WHOLE YEARS) since I moved away. And with extended family there now, it just seems like a good move. I know things happen when they are supposed to happen and the way they are supposed to happen, so for now we will enjoy our time where we are.

Just like all the other projects and plans that have come before, I know we won’t get to some of these and the list will remain partially unfinished. But I also know that we will also have some fun times that aren’t on this list. Like on Saturday, when we decided to blow up a $5 Dollar General  baby pool and sip mango margaritas while Emily splashed around.  Did I mention we were in the front yard? And our new neighbors were in the process of moving in. Yep, we keep it classy over here.

So whether it’s a finished or unfinished list at the end of this summer, it’s sure to be one filled with great memories. Cheers!