Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10 Months

Emily continues to be more and more of a hoot the older she gets! Her personality is really starting to come through. Looking back on videos of her just a few months old, it's amazing how much she has changed in a short about of time.

EG highlights from month 10:

  • She's crawling! I was convinced she was going to skip crawling and go straight to walking. Goes to show you how much I know because Emily had other ideas. She had been scooting around for a while then one day she just took off crawling to get to the keyboard we had on the floor! She still does this funny thing where she crawls with her left leg tucked underneath her and her right leg extended out. I think it helps with her balance because she can lean back into a sitting position without tipping over.
  • She is in 12 months clothes. Holy cow. Thank goodness for a mom and mother-in-law that like to spoil her with new clothes.
  • She is officially a "mommy's girl" right now and has a fit when I put her down. Amazingly all the tears stop when I pick her up! She buries her head in my shoulder if her daddy tries to take her from me. I know it hurts his feelings a bit but I keep telling him, just wait. In 13 or so years she will officially hate me and be running to you.
  • She's started this new, not at all fun thing were she screams at the top of her lungs. SQUEALS for no apparent reason. I think it's probably some combination of "I want attention, I'm bored, I'm hungry, I'm teething, I want you to pick me up, I'm tired, I'm testing out my voice, I'm testing you. etc. etc. etc." We tried dinner out one night (thank goodness in a family restaurant) but still got a few looks. Randy said "I think we have officially become 'that' family" so I'm thinking we will keep our public appearances to a minimum for the time being. Or at least only go to very noisy or outdoor settings.
  • She is still loving all kinds of food. It's so nice to be able to feed her what I'm eating instead of mushed up baby food. Top favorites include: crackers, cheese, carrots, broccoli, and baked beans. She's gotten so good at feeding herself and it's hilarious to watch. We usually have to schedule bath time immediately after dinner. :)
Daycare drop off has gotten easier with almost NO morning melt downs. I love picking her up in the afternoon because she usually doesn't see me when I first walk in and I can catch her playing with friends, books, puzzles or doll babies. When she does she me her face lights up and she has the biggest grin. And now that she's crawling she starts moving towards me. Talk about melting my heart. Love my girl and love this adventure of being her mommy! Here's to month 10!