Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Madness

This month has flown by! We've been busy but had lots of fun in the process.

The month started with a work trip for me to New Mexico. I'd never been and was excited to see Albuquerque. I was not disappointed. The landscape was beautiful and the people were friendly.

I had a wonderful time and hope to one day go back and explore more of the area. Randy and Emily had a good time at home while I was gone (four whole days!).  It's always nice to come home. :)
Since then, work has kept us busy and Emily continues to grow! She is so full of personality and such a sweet, smiley girl. Last weekend, I took her to the St. Patrick's Day parade downtown. She loved watching all the people and really enjoyed the music (especially an Irish band). One of the girls in the parade was handing out beads and Emily would not let go once she got her little hands on a pair.  What can I say, the girl loves jewelry!
The month isn't over yet, which means there's more madness to come! My mom will be in town later this month when the day care closes for Easter to keep EG for a few days. Before we know it, April will be here and the countdown will be officially on for our Disney trip! :)
Until next time!