Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7 Months

Baby girl is 7 months today! And such a big day because she started her new day care this morning! After 2 months of piecing together time with my amazing mother-in-law, wonderful mom, and awesome baby sitter we finally got into the day care we wanted. They had a cancellation so we managed to get in earlier than we had expected (thanks for always looking out for us, God!). I was so anxious about taking her this morning I could not sleep and woke up around 5:30am. I think I was anxious for a variety of reasons: she's been sick with an ear infection, a bit scarred from our last day care experience and the fact that she's 7 months old. I know, the last one seems a bit odd. But for some reason, I wasn't worried about leaving her when she was younger because she just needed the basics to be cared for: clean diaper, food and sleep. Now, she's learning and growing and needing more attention (girlfriend is wobbly!). And we've bonded more now so it's harder to leave my little monkey with someone new. Whatever, it's my own little issue that I'm working through. :)

But I do have to say that the sweet day care director sent me an e-mail with two pictures of Emily around lunch time. She said Emily was doing great and she was smiling in both pictures. When I left Emily this morning I was adamant I would NOT cry and that one e-mail just about undid all of my hard work! It was such a thoughtful gesture that helped ease the worried mind of a new mommy.
Back to Em! She's growing like a weed and just a bundle of fun.

  • She weighs 17 lbs now and her length and head circumference are on a good growth curve.
  • She said "dada"! And has said it several times since. She scrunches up her face when she's talking which is new and hilarious because she looks like a little old man.
  • She's almost rolling over from back to belly. She can definitely get to her side, just not all the way over. For some reason she always likes to try this when she's on the changing table.
  • She's eating food twice and day and loving it all (even prunes!).
  • She sleeps through the night (sometimes almost 11 hours!) and likes to cat-nap throughout the day.
  • She had graduated to the jogging stroller without being in her car seat. She loves it because she can now look out the front and likes to hold on the tray when we are strolling along.
  • She plays really well by herself and is fascinated with all her toys and any book (she's already torn off the cover of Pat the Bunny).
Last week I was away from her overnight for the first time. I had a work conference and spent 2 nights in DC. Everyone was fine and the house was in one piece (more or less) when I returned. I swear she got bigger in the 2 1/2 days I was away. I wasn't sad about leaving her because I knew she would get some great quality time with "dada" but I sure did miss her. Face Time is a wonderful thing! And I know we will be using again when I have another conference in two weeks, this time I'll be gone for 4 full days. We did it once, we can do it again.  And when I return, we'll be taking Emily on her first trip to the circus. Let the fun continue into month 8!