Monday, June 9, 2014

Overuse of the F Word

I have a growing problem. I’m starting to realize that I say the F word…a lot.

No, not that F word. 


I am constantly forgetting something. I forget I’m supposed to call someone back or to tell my husband I have a late meeting at work. I forget to get milk at the grocery store when that’s the one thing I went there for. I forget to send birthday and anniversary cards in a timely manner (don’t even get me started on baby or wedding presents). Sometimes (sorry Princess) I forget I haven’t fed the dog since yesterday.  I forget now why I started writing this post….

I used to be AMAZING at remembering things. In college, grad school and early on in my career, I was on top of it. Calendars, to-do lists, and e-mails were all up to date. I didn’t let things slip through the cracks and I was always one step ahead of myself.  

But recently, I’ve noticed a serious slip. Call it old age (does this happen to everyone as soon as they crossover 30?!) or mommy brain (I’m convinced that’s a legit medical condition) or call it whatever you want, but it isn’t pretty. So far (fingers crossed), I haven’t managed to forget anything major. I’m still employed, my kid is safe and my marriage is intact.  I think most people I interact with on a daily basis, know that my forgetfulness isn’t an excuse but a genuine problem I’m struggling with. I truly hope that the next time the phrase “I’m so sorry, I forgot!” comes out of my mouth that my friends, family and colleagues will respond with another F word…forgiveness.

So until I figure out the magic solution for my forgetfulness (Ginkgo biloba, anyone?) please just laugh it off and enjoy receiving our family Christmas card in July.