Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Little Moments

I'm struck at different times throughout the week at how quickly life seems to be moving. It dawned on me recently that I will have a 2 year old in less than 3 months! Just in the last couple of days she seems to be in, what I like to call, "full toddler mode." She's chatty and in to every.single. thing. It's challenging and amazing all at the same time. She is constantly signing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and I'm wowed by how much the lyrics actually sound like words now. She was walking all over the house last weekend in just a pair of pants hitting two pot lids together. She loves to "color" and instructs me to join her by saying "sit" and patting the chair next to her.

I feel like I just can't soak it all in quick enough! I'm trying to remember these moments and find new ones so we can enjoy this fleeting time of our lives. We took her to the circus on Sunday and she of course loved the elephants (or "Dumbo" as she called them) and even conned her Daddy into buying her the $20 stuffed elephant they were selling. She loved every second of it and amazing sat through (most) of the 1 hour performance. 

Emily with her circus souvenir 

It's great to have moments like these when work and other obligations don't interfere with quality family time. But Monday-Friday is a different story. It was so beautiful and warm yesterday afternoon (for the first time in a long time) that I make the conscious decision to not rush home and hurry up to start dinner. Instead, Emily and I grabbed some bubbles and a snack (chips and guacamole, we both love it!) and went outside. Or as Emily says "OUT SIGHHHHHH!"  She laughed and ran around and tried to blow the bubbles, too. Just a few minutes outside together after a busy day did my heart so good and all it took was bubbles and guacamole (and yes, I had a beer).

Last night, when I was rocking her to sleep I prayed that I would remember to take time to make those special moments with her, regardless of what my busy week looks like. And I thanked God for the time I had to rock her to sleep. I prayed that I would remember what her weight feels like on my chest and what her heart feels like beating next to mine.  Such beautiful little moments that make up this beautiful little life we have together.