Friday, March 21, 2014

Chaos: Accepting and Finding Balance

I thought this would be the perfect topic to put an end to my month long "no new posts" streak.

A friend posted this article on Facebook last night and I laughed and nodded my head as I read. Although I haven't (yet) walked out of the house with mismatched shoes, I have recently bemoaned the fact that I only see my baby for about about 4 hours daily during the work week, I cannot seem to keep my house clean for more than 30 minutes and I am unable to seem do everything I need to do at home and at work (much less have a social life).

It's funny but it's also really sad at the same time. If I stop and think about all the things I'm failing to do or not getting the chance to do, it could easily swallow me whole. But the reality is, we all deal with it. We all face similar demands on our time and attention and we just simply cannot do it all.

When we accept this the question that always seems to follow is: well, what can we do? For me, it dawned on me earlier this week, that the answer is: balance. Finding what balances me and start to tilt the chaos scale back. What balances me varies but includes time spent on the beach, socializing with friends, worship, music, working out, blogging, and quality time with my family. I know that there are times I can't run off to the beach for the weekend but I can make time to have dinner with girlfriends. Maybe I can't squeeze in a workout but I can turn up some 80's music on the commute home. It's about finding what work to center me in those chaotic moments.

And, not forgetting to laugh. Like when I have not one but TWO diaper malfunctions in public locations over the course of one week. In moments like that, you just have to roll with the punches and know that it will make a great story to share. Sorry, teenage Emily. :)

I'm thankful for the reminder that chaos is inevitable and the only way to truly deal with it is find our own ways to accept it. And keep laughing until we do.

Until the next well and centered!