Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Positive Posts

If your day is anything like mine, it probably looks something like this:

Wake up (usually tired) and grumble about various aches and pains,
rush to get ready (possibly spilling coffee on yourself), grab the baby and run out the house-sans shoes,
sit in awful rush hour traffic,
make it to daycare to drop off the baby (perhaps forgetting to pack her breakfast but thankfully finding a backup bag of Cheerios in your bag),
hurry to make it to work on time,
barely make it on time and are greeted by a long to-do list (and maybe a few grumpy co-workers),
work through lunch (or skip it all together),
fly out the door at 5pm to pick up the baby from daycare,
sit in more frustrating rush hour traffic (with a now fussy and tired baby),
throw some dinner together,
bath the baby and unload/load the dishes (or a load of laundry),
rock the baby to sleep,
fall into bed.


Sound familiar?

Our days are filled with annoyances, frustrations, irritations, and disappointments. And we feel lucky when we have a few little bright spots sprinkled throughout. Maybe a someone lets you over in traffic or a co-worker offers to help on a major project or a friend treats you to lunch. We feel so lucky, happy and thankful in these moments, often because they are such a rare occurrence. We have become so accustom to fighting and struggling and mumbling and grumbling throughout our days. What a sad way to live the only life we have.

That's why I'm starting a series of Positive Posts on this blog. I've had it with all the negatively. Yes, I've been guilty of it myself (hello, we are all human) but I want to be a part of doing good. I want to be a light to others.  To show love in the middle of a loveless world.

This feeling has been building in me for quite sometime. This desire, NEED, to do something. I found myself reading blog after blog with people talking about the same, exact thing. Wanting to put more good than bad out there. The more I read and the more I see, I truly believe this a movement I want to be a part of.

So, this begins a journey. A journey to share, to love, to support and to spread happiness. To be a positive force. I hope you will considering joining me as we do our small part to change the world.